Sealed Project Videos

Project: Underground Water Tank & Pumproom

Casting Raft Foundation & Retaining Walls with Penetron® Admix

Project: Pump Room Leakage Treatment

Penetron® & Penecrete Mortar Application Video
Screenshot 2017-06-11 14.52.38

Project: Water Tank Leakage Treatment

Leakage Treatment using Penetron® Waterproofing System
Emirates steel water tank

Project: New Farm Water Tank

Penetron® Admix -New Farm Water Tank Video
Screenshot 2017-06-12 10.30.43

Project New Basement Commercial Building

Penetron® Admix -New Basement of Commercial Building Video
Screenshot 2017-07-17 15.02.38

Project Factory Water Tank Leakage Treatment

Penetron® Waterproofing system -Treatment of Factory Water Tank Leakage Video
Screenshot 2017-06-28 15.13.10

Project <>Basement construction of Private Villas

Penetron® Admix - Basement construction of Private Villas Video
Screenshot 2017-07-26 11.06.45